Girl drinking water from a glass

Hartlepool Water is an asset rich business through which we deliver our 24/7 service to customers. Most of our costs relate to the maintenance and extension of these assets to keep our service levels high.

Our groundwater network of eighteen boreholes are scattered as far away as Darlington to the West connected to our treatment works and storage tanks near Dalton Piercy. We can store up to 48 million litres of water ready for supply on our sites; enough for over 36 hours supply which helps us to meet the peaks in demand from customers. We also run around ten emergency generators to keep the electricity supplies available to keep the water flowing. Around 700km of water mains ranging in size from 700mm to 50mm in diameter brings water to every business and household in the town of Hartlepool and surrounding villages.

As developers create new housing, water mains are laid to extend our service to new customers and likewise, those areas of housing that are demolished also need the system disconnecting and abandoning.

We operate three high specification treatment plants to create industrial grade water for some of our largest industrial customers. These multi-million pound plants produce almost pure water to meet very tight quality specification so that the water is ready to go straight into the industrial processes for generation of steam and to create the various products.