Love Every Drop is our campaign to bring us all together to put water at the heart of a new way of sustainable living.

Love Every Drop is about helping people understand the realities of water use and climate change, where more people and even less rain could make filling the kettle and doing the washing a challenge for everyone.

We're proud of our record as one of the top water companies in the UK and we're doing our best to meet the challenge head on. It's about acting today, while thinking 25 years ahead. We need to find the solutions that will keep the taps running and our customers satisfied.

So it's about us encouraging people to realise just how precious water really is. To do that we're working with everyone who influences water use in our region - housing developers, retailers, manufacturers, government and customers. We want to learn as much as we can from each other about thinking in new ways to supply and use water in sustainable ways.

Find out what we can all do to Love Every Drop on Anglian Water's website.