Developer Services is our one-stop shop dealing with providing new water mains and service connections to sites within our area of supply. A range of information is included on the following pages to aid in your development, for single dwellings through to major developments or commercial properties.

Hartlepool Water deals with the water supply in the Borough of Hartlepool, including the surrounding villages of Greatham, Dalton Piercy, Elwick, Hart and Wynyard. Northumbrian Water Ltd. is responsible for all sewerage and drainage issues in our area.

Please be aware that as of 1st April 2017, if you are a non-household customer or applying for a temporary building supply, at the point of connection you will need to have selected a water retailer. To read more and for guidance on selecting a retailer, take a look at the Customer section of the Open Water website.

Change to the application process for new mains and services

On 1st April 2015 the application form: Water Supply Mains and Service connections changed.

A design fee will be now be required upon submission of an application for mains and service connections. This design fee is essentially a deposit which we will credit you with upon requisitioning of the associated scheme. The design fee amount required is calculated based on numbers of plots within the design and is described within the enclosed ‘Design Charges 2016-17’ document. Please refer to summary of charges for costing.

All previous versions of the application forms for mains and services should be discarded. If you wish to enquire about installing a water supply to a new site or existing property, whether it is for domestic or commercial purposes, then we are here to help.  Please contact us.