Hartlepool Water understands the importance of economic growth. We fully support the planning framework process and recognise the importance of working closely with developers in our region to understand their development site requirements.

Our Development Services Team offers a development liaison service in the Hartlepool Water region. Upon receiving a completed application form through our new portal, InFlow, we aim to provide the following information:

  • confirmation of available water supply to the site
  • quotation for requested works
  • drawing of Hartlepool Water apparatus showing mains in the vicinity of the proposed development site
  • details of any water assets within or close to the site boundary and easement or diversionary requirement information
  • details of any reinforcement works required to supply water to the proposed development site.

Please be aware that as of 1st April 2017, if you are a non-household customer or applying for a temporary building supply, at the point of connection you will need to have selected a water retailer.

To read more and for guidance on selecting a retailer go to www.open-water.org.uk/for-customers

 Access pre-planning services through our new  portal InFlow

You will find our handy user guide for pre-planning enquiries here. If you experience any technical problems with InFlow, or you require more information, please get in touch by email: InFlow@anglianwater.co.uk or call us on 0345 60 66 087, option 1.

If you have previously submitted a pre-planning enquiry via our old customer portal and would like to view the report, you can log on here. Please note: this is 'read only' and all new pre-planning enquiries should be submitted via InFlow.

Please be aware, we are no longer able to accept cheque payments. Alternative methods of payment, such as debit or credit card, BACS and bank transfer will be accepted.