Family unpacking boxes in new home

If you are moving house, you need to give us at least two working days notice of your move so that we know that the water supply is no longer needed and to ensure the supply to your new property is ready for you.

We will update your account and ensure that you receive a final account for your current address. We normally turn the supply off at the stop tap outside the property shortly after you leave the property unless another customer registers at the address. 

If someone is moving into your property on the same day or very soon after the new occupier will need to contact us to register their details and apply for a supply of water to avoid the water supply to the property being turned off. Please note that if you fail to register details and the supply is turned off and you request for the supply to be turned back on outside normal working hours, a charge will be added to your account of no more than £60.  

If you have a meter, upon receiving notice of your move, we will take a final meter reading and turn off the supply. If someone is moving into your house on the day of the house move or soon after, the supply will remain connected, but  only if the new occupier applies for a water supply.  

If you do not give us notice of your move, you will remain liable for charges until the earliest of the following events occurs:

  • Another person informs us that they have occupied the house.
  • If you have a meter, until the next meter reading is taken.  

It is important that you contact us either by phone on 01429 858 030 between 8:30am – 5pm  Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays or by sending a letter to 3 Lancaster Road, Hartlepool TS24 8LW to ensure that your bill is correct when moving house.