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Checking for leaks

Leaky bucket with water escaping

If your meter shows that you have used an unusually high amount of water, you may have a leak in your supply pipe.

You can check for a leak by carrying out the following steps:

  • Either turn off the water at your internal stop tap (normally found under the kitchen sink) or turn off all taps and other appliances which use water.
  • Open the meter chamber and remove the polystyrene protection.
  • On the meter face you will see two red needles, If either of the needles is moving when you are not using any water, you may have a leak on your supply pipe.  

Please note: In some cases, particularly with older properties and/or flats where there has been a change in the use of the property, such as a conversion of a house to flats, there may be a joint or shared supply. So rather than indicating a leak, the meter could be recording water being used by a neighbour. If you feel this is the case, please call us on 01429 858 050 during normal office hours and we’ll be happy to investigate.  

If you think there is a leak, contact us straight away on 0800 028 1054 and we will inspect and, if eligible, repair any leak on your supply pipe free of charge according to our Watertight Scheme.

If you do not think a leak is present, you may be interested in reading the information on our using water wisely page, which contains information on how to reduce your water consumption – not by going without, but by simply cutting down on waste.

Frequently asked questions related to checking for leaks

What is a leakage allowance?

If you are a domestic customer and have had a leak which has been repaired, we will consider a once-only claim for an allowance to cover the cost of the water lost through a leak. If you wish to make a leak allowance claim, please contact us on 01429 858 050.  

We will be unable to make an allowance under the following circumstances:

  • You know, or should have known, about the leak and have failed to have it repaired.
  • You have previously received a leakage allowance.
  • There is another leak at the same address.
  • The leak was caused by your carelessness or by someone who lives with or has done work for you.  

If we adjust the measured charges for your water supply, we will make a similar adjustment to the measured wastewater charges.

Who is responsible for repairing an undetected leak?

You are responsible for any leaks at your property. Water is a very precious resource and at Hartlepool Water we work hard to minimise the amount lost through leakage. A leaking supply pipe wastes a lot of water, which can cause damage to your garden, and the foundations of your property. In many cases we can offer a free repair service as part of our Watertight Promise for our domestic customers for such leaks, but we may have to gain access to your property to determine if the leak will qualify  

In the event of you failing to have the repairs carried out, the company will have to exercise its powers under Section 75(9) (a) and (b) of the Water Industry Act 1991 to take those steps itself and to recover any expenses reasonably incurred from you.  

In addition, if waste of water becomes an emergency, or the premises appear to be unoccupied and the remedial steps have not been taken, the company is legally entitled to disconnect the service pipe or otherwise cut off the supply of water to the premises.

More information on how to check for leaks is available in our checking for leaks leaflet.

If you would like any further information please contact us.


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