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Water companies in England and Wales are regulated by the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI). DWI are responsible for ensuring that all water companies supply safe drinking water that is acceptable to consumers and meets the standards set down in law. 

Each year the DWI publishes a detailed report containing drinking water quality data and results of the audits and other checks they have carried out. This report, and other information on drinking water quality, is available on their web site.

All water companies have to closely monitor their water before, during and after the treatment process to ensure that it meets the stringent water quality standards specified by law, in the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations.

Take a look at these standards – they mean that you really can Love Every Drop!

A key part of this monitoring process involves the co-operation of around 300 customers every year, who kindly allow us to take samples of tap water directly from their homes or businesses. Our samplers always wear a uniform and carry identification which helps us to beat bogus callers.

To make sure the quality of the drinking water we supply remains excellent, we sometimes need to carry out work to ensure we continue to meet the stringent water quality standards. This work is known as a Programme of Work. 

The DWI closely monitors the progress of this work and will formally sign it off when it is completed. Find out if there are any Programme of Works in your area.