Fluoride and Fluoridation

Fluoride occurs naturally in all water supplies. Geographically the level of fluoride can vary depending on the geology of the area.

Fluoridation is the term used to describe the action of elevating the naturally occurring level of fluoride in water to a chosen higher level.

In England, fluoridation schemes target the final level of fluoride at one milligramme per litre of water. This is equivalent to one part per million. In some regions, fluoridation is undertaken at the request of certain Strategic Health Authorities and is carried out I accordance with strict legal guidelines.

Hartlepool water naturally contains the optimum level of around 1 part per million and therefore is not subject to fluoridation.

Current legislation

The Water Act 2003 (Section 58) made a change to the legal position regarding fluoridation. Following enforcement of this section, it is now the water companies duty to fluoridate supplied if so requested by a Strategic Health Authority.

The Strategic Health Authority would not make such a request until there had been a local consultation and they agree to indemnify the water company against costs. Further information on fluoridation can be obtained from your Strategic Health Authority.


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