If you use any form of filtration or other device for treating your tap water, follow the manufacturer's installation and operation advice carefully.

Tap water in the United Kingdom is amongst the safest and highest quality in the world, and the water supplied by Hartlepool Water is no exception.

Extensive monitoring of water supplies is carried out at all stages from source, through the treatment works and through the distribution system. All tap water has been treated before it is distributed to customers, and therefore should not require any further treatment in the home. 

Some customers choose to use, for example, water filters with a view to improving the quality of the water. Hartlepool Water encourages any customer who feels that they have an issue with the quality of their drinking water to review the Top Tips on the keeping water healthy introduction page to see if any improvements can be made. If these do not prove effective, please contact Hartlepool Water.

Hartlepool Water encourages any customer who chooses to install a home water treatment system, including jug filters, to ensure that they are installed and operated or used in strict accordance with the manufacturers instructions.

For further information please contact us