Washing machine

On some occasions a true meter reading at first glance may appear higher than you expect, particularly if you have recently had a water meter fitted.

Possible reasons for higher than expected consumption readings are listed below:

  • Internal plumbing problems created by dripping taps, washing machine flooding, overflow and ballcock problems. A leaflet detailing¬†how to check for leaks is available.
  • A leak on your private supply pipe. A leaflet detailing how to check for leaks is available.
  • Previous bills could have been based on an estimated reading, particularly if you have recently moved into a property and Hartlepool Water was unable to obtain an actual start reading.
  • A longer than normal period between meter readings.
  • Building work and redecoration has recently been carried out at the property or if a new lawn has been laid, leading to higher than normal use of water.
  • The number of occupants (including visitors) living at the property has increased since the previous bill. ¬†

Please note that in some cases, particularly with older properties and/or where there has been a change in use of the property, such as conversion of a house to flats, there may be a joint or shared supply. So rather than indicating a possible leak, the meter could be recording water being used by a neighbour.  

If you would like further information, please contact us.