One of Hartlepool Water's fundamental goals is to deliver a reliable supply of clean and safe drinking water to its customers.

However, we do appreciate that this water is used for many other purposes-including keeping fish.

When using water straight from the tap, care must be taken to ensure tap water reaches the temperature as that of the water already in the pond or tank.

Chlorineis present in drinking water to provide disinfection and is highly toxic to fish. Chlorine must be allowed to completely dissipate before the additional water is added to the tank. If tap water is used for fish keeping, it is recommended that the water is allowed to stand for at least 24 hours, or is pre-treated using other methods to dechlorinate water.

Extended periods of hot weather can overheat pond or tank water, causing stress and even death of the fish.

Further advice on water quality and fish keeping can be obtained from your local aquarium supplier.

For further information please contact us.