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Standard rates

Unmetered charges - standard rate for 2019-20

For an unmetered property, the charge is based on each pound of the Rateable Value (RV) of your property, plus a fixed charge 



Standing charge


Charge per £ of RV

(rateable value)

 Water supply  £152.50  Nil
 Sewerage services 
(including surface water drainage)
 £149.23  72.35p
 Sewerage services
(without surface water drainage)
 £81.93  72.35p

The bills we send you also cover charges for sewerage and drainage. These services are provided by Northumbrian Water Ltd (NWL) and so the pricing is set by them. For more information about NWL and their sewerage charges please visit NWL's website or call them on 0345 733 55 66.

Metered charges - standard rate for 2019-20

For a metered property, the charge is based on the volume of water used in your property, charged per cubic metre (1000 Litres), plus a fixed charge. 



Standing Charge 

Charge per cubic metre 

 Water Supply  £26.00  £1.1710
 Sewerage services
(including surface water drainage)
 £92.11  £1.2494
 Sewerage services
(without surface water drainage)
 £32.27  £1.2494


To learn more about water meters and how to apply for one to be fitted free of charge, please call us on 01429 858 050 or visit our water meters page.

We're able to offer a number of special tariffs to customers with water meters who may be living with particular hardship or need to use a significant amount of water for medical reasons. Please call us on 01429 858 030 or see our WaterSure and Aquacare Plus pages for more information. 

Garden sprinklers and swimming pools

customers who choose to water their gardens with a sprinkler or who have a swimming pool in excess of 10,000 litres need to have a water meter fitted. The meter installation is free and charges will be on the standard measured (metered) household tariff. For more details or to apply for a water meter please call us on 01429 858 030.

Useful information

Are you liable for surface water drainage charges?

In most cases, surface water drains into public sewers but in some circumstances, ground conditions have enabled the use of soakaways or drainage into a local watercourse as an alternative.  

If you are a domestic customer on either unmetered or metered charges and you can demonstrate that none of the surface water from your property drains into the public sewerage system, either directly or indirectly, then you could reduce the sewerage standing charge on your bill, please give Northumbrian Water Ltd (NWL) a call on 03457 335566


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