customer reading bill

Our prices change each year on 1 April and remain the same until 31 March in the following year. For full details of our charges please follow the links below or download our Charges Scheme.

Your bill has two parts:

  1. A charge for the water services. This is to cover the costs of treating and supplying you with clean drinking water.
  2. A charge for sewerage services. This is to cover the removal, treatment and disposal of wastewater and surface water (rainwater) from your property and includes a charge for highway drainage. Northumbrian Water Ltd (NWL) provides these services but we collect the charges on its behalf.

How much you will pay and how you are billed for your water and sewerage charges depends on your tariff. The most suitable tariff for you will depend on your individual circumstances. We offer the following tariffs to our customers:

Further information can be found on the Your Charges Explained page, in our Charges Summary or by contacting us.