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Your drinking water

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Water that’s cleaned to the highest standard, delivered to millions of homes, and managed carefully to ensure it never runs out. It’s not an aspiration – it’s just how we do business, all day, every day. Whether it’s working with businesses or planning 50 years ahead, there’s a lot more goes into a glass of water than you think.

On a typical day Hartlepool Water supplies around 33 million litres of water to 90,000 people in the Borough of Hartlepool, including the surrounding villages of Greatham, Dalton Piercy, Elwick, Hart and Wynyard.

All our drinking water comes from underground, pumped from 19 boreholes sunk deep into the limestone rock at 11 sites. The water is blended at our 3 three water treatment works prior to supply, to ensure the required standards for drinking water are met.

Please see our Drinking Water Quality Report Hartlepool 2017 or Drinking Water Quality Report Wynyard 2017 to find out about the drinking water quality in your area including hardness.


Meeting our water quality obligations is our number one priority. Water quality is the key to protecting our customers’ health and wellbeing and we take our responsibilities very seriously. Drinking water quality continues to be excellent, with our zonal compliance at 100 per cent.


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