Hands cupped together catching water

Hartlepool Water’s commitment to minimise the amount of water lost through leaks has resulted in us achieving one of the lowest leakage rates in the country.

To help us to maintain one of the lowest leakage rates in England and Wales, it is important that we repair leaks on both our water mains and customers’ underground pipes as soon as possible. To help domestic customers, we offer a free supply pipe repair service, subject to terms and conditions. A leaking supply pipe can cause damage to your garden and foundations of your property.  

Subject to certain conditions, we will repair or replace, at our discretion, any leaking underground pipe within the customer’s property as long as the property is more than two years-old, the pipe is not covered by a building, is not greater than 32 millimetres in diameter or longer than 25 metres.  

Useful information for metered customers who may have a leak is contained on our Checking for leaks page.  

If you think that you might qualify for this free service please call us on 01429 858 050 during normal office hours and we will send you details and an authorisation form to complete.  

This free repair service does not extend to commercial customers but we can offer free help, advice and support to trace leaks and advise on the best route to repair your supply pipe.

Who owns what?

This illustration shows who owns what and who is responsible for the repair and replacement of the water supply pipe connected to each property.

Points to consider:

Domestic customers with metered properties

You may be entitled to a one-off leakage allowance claim. This compensates you for the water lost during the leak. To find out more contact us to ask for a Leakage Allowance Claim form.  

Customers in non-metered properties

Switching to a water meter can save you water and money. It also makes detecting leaks much easier. There is no obligation to switch – it’s your choice. For more details, see our water meters page ring our Meter Installation Helpline on 01429 858 009 or send an email to enquiries@hartlepoolwater.co.uk

Note: If you are a tenant, we advise you contact your landlord prior to installation of the water meter.  

Shared Supplies

If you are share a water supply pipe with a neighbouring property you may wish to take this opportunity to have a separate supply installed. Our staff will be happy to offer you an estimate for this work. It is often cheaper if more than one new supply can be installed at the same time.  

For further information please contact us.  

A word about earthing

In some circumstances the work we do may interrupt your electricity earthing system. Before 1966 it was common (but not correct) practice to attach an earth lead to metal water pipes. We recommend you contact your electricity supplier or an approved electrician for advice if you have any queries.

Important information

This service is subject to the following conditions:  

  1. We must have your permission to do the work, so please make sure you sign the authorisation form*.
  2. Our service covers supply pipes servicing domestic properties only.
  3. Your domestic water is supplied by Hartlepool Water and you pay Hartlepool Water charges.
  4. Our service covers the domestic supply pipe from the public highway to where it enters your home. If your pipework is located underneath a structure, it will not be covered by our Watertight Promise.
  5. This offer covers the repair or replacement of pipes up to 25 metres in length. For longer supply pipes there is no benefit in replacing the first 25 metres alone if the pipe is in poor condition. We will replace any continuous 25-metre length free of charge on the understanding that the remainder of the pipe is replaced at the same time. We will provide an estimate for any length of pipe more than 25 metres long requiring replacement on request.
  6. We will carry out the excavation, refill the hole and leave the area safe and tidy. Hartlepool Water will not be responsible for permanent reinstatement.
  7. Work will normally be completed within 10 working days after we receive your authorisation.
  8. This service does not apply to reckless deliberate damage.
  9. These Terms and Conditions replace all previous literature relating to the Watertight Promise.
  10. Any liability upon Hartlepool Water will not be subject to Hartlepool Water’s Terms and Conditions, a copy of which can be provided on request.  

*If you are a tenant we need your landlord’s authorisation in writing before we start work. If you have a shared water supply pipe you may require you neighbour’s permission (see ‘who owns what?’). If the supply pipe runs through your neighbour’s land, you will need your neighbour’s permission before authorising us to do the work.  

If you require any further information please contact us.