Hands cupped together catching water

Hartlepool Water’s commitment to minimise the amount of water lost through leaks has resulted in us achieving one of the lowest leakage rates in the country.

To help us to maintain one of the lowest leakage rates in England and Wales, it is important that we repair leaks on both our water mains and customers’ underground pipes as soon as possible. To help domestic customers, we offer a free supply pipe repair service, subject to terms and conditions. A leaking supply pipe can cause damage to your garden and foundations of your property.  

Subject to certain conditions, we will repair or replace, at our discretion, any leaking underground pipe within the customer’s property as long as the property is more than two years-old, the pipe is not covered by a building, is not greater than 32 millimetres in diameter or longer than 25 metres.  

Useful information for metered customers who may have a leak is contained on our Checking for leaks page.  

If you think that you might qualify for this free service please call us on 01429 858 050 to arrange an appointment.

This free repair service does not extend to commercial customers, however you may wish to seek further advice from your retailer about leakage.