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Your water supply

Running tap

Hartlepool Water supplies 33 million litres of drinking water every day to 90,000 customers in the Borough of Hartlepool including the surrounding villages of Greatham, Dalton Piercy, Elwick, Hart and Wynyard.

The water in our region is abstracted from the Magnesian Limestone aquifer across south east Durham. Although the aquifer is of slow response, where rainfall levels do not greatly influence the water levels in our boreholes, Hartlepool Water treats the supply as a precious commodity; so we

  • Have one of the lowest leakage rates in England and Wales
  • Encourage customers to use water meters to pay for the water they use.
  • Provide information and services to customers to help them use water wisely.
  • Continually look for ways to improve the efficiency of our distribution network.

To minimise leakage from your own pipes, we encourage you to monitor your water consumption, so any leaks can be identified. The simplest way to do this is to read your meter regularly. Any unusual readings or higher than normal consumption could indicate a leak. Our How to check for leaks leaflet gives more guidance.

Water regulations

In order to protect your water supply from contamination, it is important that your fixtures and fittings are correctly installed and in a good state of repair. Knowing what regulations apply to you, and how to make sure you comply, could help you avoid breaking the law. More information is available on ourĀ Regulations and Plumbing page.


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